Human Trafficking Awareness: Saving Innocence with Alan Smyth

The Fallible Man - Men Fight For Me podcast

The Fallible Man
By Brent Dowlen
January 19, 2022

“Men! Fight for Me!” is the title of a book inspired by one of the survivors who shares their story in its pages.

Human trafficking awareness is big in January which is national human trafficking awareness month. Child sex trafficking awareness is the dirty little topic that no one can stomach.

Alan Smyth & Jessica Midkiff share the uncomfortable truth that Child Sex Trafficking is alive and booming in the US.

Both work with the charity organization Saving Innocence to fight for CSEC or (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) It is a necessary fight that we must win at all cost.

In part 1 of this podcast I go deep with author Alan Smyth about why Authentic Masculinity is the answer to the problem and what that looks like. How we can make a difference in this fight and what you can do to stop this atrocious and all too common crime.

This is happening right here, everyday, everywhere with an estimated 300,000 children being trafficked in the US alone every day. It is not somewhere else and it is not someone else’s problem.

It has to end and you are the answer!


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