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“My goal is to leave you hopeful that we can make a difference together, and to empower you to be the best advocates”

Leah Albryght-Byrd, Activist and Author

At A Glance

The Saving Innocence & CASA CSEC Advocacy Course
is an in-depth, online training specifically for professionals and volunteers working to provide supportive services for commercially sexually-exploited children (CSEC.)


9 Chapters with 46 Teaching Videos, Course Workbook and evaluation questions.

Panels featuring experts in Law Enforcement, Probation, and Child Welfare

Bonus Material: Clips from the award-winning documentary about CSEC, “Sex + Money: A National Search For Human Worth” including first-hand accounts from survivors, traffickers and buyers across the United States

Learn how to identify red flags and warning signs

Understand the impact of commercial sexual exploitation

Learn how you can become a knowledgable advocate who can support children with lived experience & make a meaningful difference


“Kids are the best teachers but it’s unfair to expect someone who has suffered so greatly to have to teach you about their experience. We invite you to instead learn from our 10 years of working directly with exploited youth.”

Amber Davies, LCSW and Senior Director of Clinical Programs

At A Glance

01: Overview

This overview is provided during the introductory portion of the course. Please review the introductory letter and follow along with the corresponding video for helpful information as you start your learning experience.

02: Defining Human Trafficking

To find solutions we must first clearly define the problem. This chapter is replete with definitions, statistics, and an in-depth look at our nation’s human trafficking epidemic. Here we will lay the foundational information needed to develop impactful strategies to help youth in need.

03: Victim Identification

It’s not enough to know. We must act. But how can we act unless we understand pathways to entry? In this chapter, we will be equipped to identify youth who are vulnerable to human trafficking and those who may currently be under the influence of an exploiter.

04: Buyers, Traffickers & Recruitment

Chapter Four may be tough to digest but it is vital! Gaining insight into manipulation and recruitment tactics is another tool in our toolkit that will help us support and protect the youth we are serving.

05: Safety, Planning, Engagement & Advocacy

Safety planning is a key element to providing effective support to victims of human trafficking. To do so we must acquire skills for advocacy and engagement.

06: Core Competencies & Understanding Trauma

This chapter is designed to aid us in developing core competencies and ensure that our support is trauma informed and trauma responsive.

07: Impact of CSE & Empowerment

Trauma impacts people differently and the severity of trauma can also have profound impact. Survivors of human trafficking need unique empowerment opportunities and caring adults who avoid the use of power and control.

08: Supervision & Provider Care

We will conclude this training with a much needed discussion about cultural humililty and how to honor our own hearts as we steward the lives we’re entrusted with. This chapter addresses the natural phenomemons of vicarious trauma and burnout.

08: Review, Credits, and Further Information

Our final chapter will review the critical messages, help us process all of the information that we have acquired, and remind us about resources we can seek for more in depth work with this incredible group of young people.

+ Bonus Content


Panels featuring experts in Law Enforcement, Probation, and Child Welfare

Bonus: Sex + Money Documentary Clips

Clips from the award-winning documentary about CSEC, “Sex + Money: A National Search For Human Worth” including first-hand accounts from survivors, traffickers and buyers across the United States

Some of the best training I have received of any kind.

I just finished the CSEC training. I was very impressed how they built on the online training and reinforced/augmented with mini-lectures, videos and classroom exercises. Some of the best training I have received of any kind. Also much of it was very applicable to any case, CSEC or not."

Pat M.

Graded Assessment Included

Not only does the course come with a follow-along workbook, but there are also graded questions after each chapter. Test your knowledge and give yourself the opportunity to get certified.

Meet Your Trainers

Oree Freeman Speaker, Advocate & Survivor Oree is an award winning advocate, trainer and survivor leader in the movement to end human trafficking. In 2015 Oree was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Orange County by the Orange County Register. She serves on the California CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) Advisory Board and is a talented & spirited speaker who trains, FBI, law enforcement, prisons, colleges and hospitals all across the nation to become more effective in helping prevent and eliminate human trafficking. This is in addition to the individual girls she meets with in Juvenile Hall, hotels, and on the streets to free them from their enslavement. Leah J. Albright-Byrd Activist, Author & Artist As a part of her passion for healing, Leah founded Bridget’s Dream in 2011; it was an organization that provided services to child and adult survivors of human trafficking. She served as the Executive Director for five years and became a national voice for the cause. Her advocacy work led to opportunities for lobbying and promoting legislative change. Eventually she also began appearing on television and radio shows to educate and inspire the public. Leah was honored to be featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, BET News, Being Mary Jane, was the subject of an Emmy-award winning interview in 2013 and has received congressional honor for her contributions to the fight against human trafficking. Amber Davies, MSW, LCSW Senior Director of Clinical Programs, Saving Innocence
As a part of Saving Innocence, Amber has trained and consulted on working with CSEC youth for local, state, and national providers. She has testified for the Los Angeles County HEAT Institute Regional Summit on Human Trafficking, trained on safety planning at the CSEC Convening through the CSEC Action Team, has paneled at the Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking (PACT) Conference, and is an active committee member of the statewide CSEC Action Team. She has been a part of the Judicial Council’s Domestic Violence Forum in San Francisco to help inform how the judicial system handles CSEC cases, and presented at many conferences throughout the nation.
Jasmine Edwards Senior Lead Case Manager, Saving Innocence
Jasmine Edwards currently serves as Senior Lead Crisis Case Manager with Saving Innocence supporting the First Responder Protocol program. In her position, Jasmine manages crisis response and intensive case management for youth who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. Jasmine also coordinates services to meet the child’s needs, assisting with aftercare placement, providing an ongoing relational connection, offering support to the child’s family, and acting as a liaison between clients and the many court processes they are required to participate in. Also carrying a caseload, Jasmine meets with her clients weekly, to both create a sense of permanency with the youth and to help them navigate their recovery journey. 


Michelle Guymon, MSW

Terrika Woolfolk, MPA

Judge Catherine Pratt, JD

Eric Ball, MA

Jewell Copeland

Jenny Cheung Marino, JD

Sergeant Jeff Walker

Amanda Detterline

Guillermo Santiso, JD

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What an insightful and wonderfully executed training

What an insightful and wonderfully executed training!
Your dedication to this important societal crisis is truly shepherding others!""

Erin J.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a formal volunteer or field professional, can I still take this course?

Yes! Anyone interested in making a meaningful impact on the lives of exploited children can take this course. If this course stirs your passion to get more involved with CASA or Saving Innocence, please contact us at [email protected]

What sort of Certification do you offer when I complete this course?

While we are hoping to have accreditations in the future for continuing education, we are currently offering a certificate that shows proof of completion, including the number of hours to complete the course.

Multiple team members in my organization need this. Do you have an option for multiple accounts?

We do! We offer up to 10 licenses for the group package. You are also welcome to email us at [email protected] to inquire about bulk discounts.

Can I lead a group through this course?

Absolutely! We originally created this to have an "in-person" component. We would like to be in contact with you to answer any questions as you facilitate the course, and would like to offer tips to the facilitator as you train your organization. The facilitator's guide was created to allow fruitful discussion in group facilitated trainings.

Do you offer this training in person?

Yes! Please contact us to set up a call to discuss your organizations needs at [email protected] Our advocates love opportunities to support providers and ensure that survivors are receiving excellent care across the nation.

What is your refund policy?

We believe in this training! We are confident it will be helpful to individuals and organizations as we grow to support this unique population. We are not currently offering refunds, but we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at [email protected]