Podcast 256: Men! Fight For Me, with Alan Smyth

Ending Human Trafficking Podcast
By Dr. Sandie Morgan
August 9, 2021


Dr. Sandra Morgan and Alan Smyth, Executive Director of Saving Innocence, discuss his newly released book, Men! Fight for Me: The Role of Authentic Masculinity. Together, they go in detail into the four pillars of authentic masculinity and the significance of men’s role in the fight against human trafficking.

Alan Smyth

With over 25 years of nonprofit management and experience, Alan Smyth joins the team to cultivate strategic partnership on behalf of Saving Innocence reporting directly to CEO and Founder Kim Biddle. Most recently, he served for 14 years as the Regional Director for Young Life in the Greater Los Angeles Region and before that he was an Area Director for Young Life in San Francisco Bay for 11 years. During his tenure, Alan was responsible to fundraise for and oversee an overall annual operating budget of 4 million dollars as he led a charge to expand work into South LA. His responsibilities included recruiting, hiring, training & supervising staff as well as volunteers. Additionally, Alan executed hundreds fundraising events, strategic planning activities and developed marketing strategies that proved successful for Young Life in Los Angeles. Alan got his Bachelor of Communication Studies from San Jose State University.

Key Points

  • Men with authentic masculinity can play a significant role in fighting human trafficking.
  • Building healthy masculinity begins at a young age.
  • Men are part of the problem, and therefore must be part of the solution.
  • There are four pillars of genuine masculinity:
    • Accepts responsibility;
    • Leads courageously;
    • A life of service;
    • Who he is is more important than what he does.

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