When She Said I Can No Longer Fight…I Said I’ll Fight For You!

Alan Smyth speaking on men's responsibility to fight human trafficking

Elite Foundation
April 25, 2021

Men, I have bad news, we are the principal consumers of sex in this country.

But…I also have good news, if we are part of the problem, then guess what we have the solution to the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world that is stealing innocence for-profit – Human Trafficking.

Join me on 05.01.21. as we launch an initiative to incite and inspire men to fight this fight to end lost innocence to exploitation. Register now –

The time is now to get involved. We can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening right under our noses. Trust me you cannot unsee the truth once your eyes are opened.

Join Our Movement:

Elite Foundation funds freedom to empower survivors. We are powered by people coming together to put an end to human trafficking, in all of its ugly forms.

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